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Competitor Analysis

Compare apples with apples.

We'll assess both your client's and their competitors' websites based on a set of defined criteria specific to your project. This helps us understand the competition: what has worked, what has not worked and what are the actionable insights.

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Empathy Maps

Put yourself in your users shoes.

An empathy map is a collaborative visualization used to articulate what we know about a particular type of user. We'll get client-facing members of your client's team involved to help prioritise user frustrations and needs.

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User Interviews

Answers to the how and why.

We’ll help identify and then interview key users to get qualitative data about real experiences, habits, frustrations and goals. This is the most powerful tool into user thinking.

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User Questionnaire

Hands up for quality data.

We’ll invite users to complete a questionnaire (typically SurveyMonkey - which has an excellent analysis of data) to gather a broad range of responses to important questions.

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Persona Posters

Feel like old friends not strangers.

We take everything we learn from the research and design impactful persona posters to give a face and personality to users. This is a great asset for your client when developing their services or products and invaluable to you while designing.

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User Stories

Get to the heart of their story.

It’s now time to take the personas and evaluate what they need to accomplish. From the user's perspective, we ask "As a <user type>, I want to <goal> so that <benefit>". There can be many goals, so let's define them all and ensure the website delivers.

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User Flows

Avoid the rapids of doubt.

User Stories describe what tasks a user needs to accomplish while User Flows describe how tasks are accomplished. We provide visual flows of CTA journeys to ensure the client and agency are aligned.

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Website Map

See the whole picture, and the detail.

We create a visual website map with a detailed page structure to get everyone aligned before wire-framing even starts. Welcome to fast tracking your design process!

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Insights & Recommendations

Happy hand over day!

We'll tie up the research in a neat package with a document that outlines the key insights from all our research together with actionable recommendations for the design and development phases.

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